Prominent Gay Rights Lawyer And Environmentalist Burns Himself To Death In Protest Against Fossil Fuels

Date April 17, 2018 16:16

An environmentalist and notable LGBT rights lawyer, David S. Buckel, has killed himself in an act of protest against environmental degradation. He was 60.

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Suicide note

This disturbing incident took place on Saturday morning in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Buckel is known to have led lawsuits legalizing same-sex marriage before turning his focus on advocating for the environment.

He left behind a suicide note stating the he had burned himself with fossil fuel. And began by introducing himself and apologizing for the mess his charred remains had caused.

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He also left another note specifying that his act of suicide was a call to action to be emailed to news outlets. According to The New York Times, he said:

My early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.

Early activism

In his lifetime, he was marriage project director for Lambda Legal, a non-profit LGBT organization.

One of his most popular LGBT rights cases involved the transgender man, Brandon Teena, who was raped and killed in Falls City, Nebraska, in 1993. Teena's story was made into a movie, Boys Don't Cry.

Acting legal director for Lambda Legal said that Buckel was a legal visionary and loving friend who was dedicated to seeking justice.

People online have also continued to react to his unusual protest statement and speak glowingly about his act of sacrifice. What do you think?

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