There's A Reason Why Kate Middleton Left The Hospital Just A Few Hours After She Gave Birth

Date April 24, 2018

Just 7 hours after Kate Middleton gave birth, both mother and child made their first public appearance in front of the Lindo Wing steps at St. Mary's Hospital.

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Baby number 3

This was baby number three for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The palace announced the birth via their official social media pages. The tweets notified the public of the time of birth and baby's weight.

Kensington Palace also announced that the news of the birth was received with joy by members of the family.

Middleton was not alone at the Lindo Wing. She was joined by Prince William who had earlier brought George and Charlotte to meet their baby brother.

Why Kate Middleton gets an early discharge

But, while the royals celebrate the new birth, the prompt discharge of mother and child has left many confused. People who are unfamiliar with royal procedure are curious about Middleton's quick departure from the hospital.


For people who follow the royals closely, this comes as no surprise. Middleton left the hospital 10 hours after Charlotte was born, but she did spend the night after her first child was born.


The reason for this is both royal and medical. According to Louise Silverton, the director for Midwifery at the Royal College of Midwives, new moms only need to stay in the hospital for as long as the attendant midwife specifies.


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She notes that if the new mom has the right postnatal support she needs and access to a good community midwife service, "then going home even five or six hours after birth may be absolutely fine."


The royal, however, make it a point to leave as early as possible because of the frenzy and media circus, which might be a source of concern for other patients at the hospital.

Family of 5

All of that aside, the new mom looked stunning in a red gown when she and baby number 3 made their debut. Fans have the sending their love the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

It is expected that Middleton will be at the May 19 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But, for now, fans are dying to get a glimpse of the family of 5 together.

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