Victory At Last? LA Court Grants Custody Of Charles Manson's Frozen Remains To His Biological Grandson


March 15, 2018 15:56 By Fabiosa

A court in Los Angeles has ruled that the body of notorious cult leader Charles Manson will go to his grandson, Jason Freeman.


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Battle over his body

This brings an end to a long legal battle over the late Manson's frozen body. The deadly cult leader died at 83 in an LA hospital, near the prison where he was serving a life sentence for  a 1969 killing spree.

Contenders for the body were a man named Michael Channels, who was Manson's longtime pen pal and a supposed son Manson had conceived during an orgy in the 60s, and Matt Lentz. Lentz is an LA based musician.

Both men claimed they had been named sole beneficiaries to Manson's properties in separate wills. Lentz said he had been named as sole beneficiary in a 2017 will that Manson purportedly signed, and Channels said Manson named him sole beneficiary in a will filed in 2002.


Charles Manson, who died in November 2017, formed his Manson Family cult in the late 60s. At the time, he was an ex-convict. He was also well known in some circles within the LA music scene as a singer-songwriter.

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Before he was convicted, he is known to have released some songs commercially. His song, Lie: The Love and Terror Cult, is one of his well-known creations. He was heavily influenced by the Beatles and named his movement to start a race war in America after their song, Helter Skelter.

He was convicted in 1971 after a series of murders committed in 1969 by members of his group.

He remains a mystery

Manson's most famous victim was the actress Sharon Tate who was married to film director Roman Polanski.

The pregnant actress and four of her house guests were killed in the home she shared with Polanski near LA.

Although he spent most of his adult life behind bars, he remained an enigmatic figure. He is considered a defining, controversial figure of the anti-establishment zeitgeist in 1960s America.

He was hospitalized in January 2017 for intestinal bleeding but was ruled too frail to undergo surgery, before his death in November.

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