Prince William Shows Off Newly-Shaved Head And Sources Say He's 'Sick Of Being Teased' By His Brother

Date January 22, 2018 11:23

The Duke of Cambridge proudly showed off a shorter haircut during his appearance at a royal event on Thursday.


Prince William stepped out with his newly-shaved head when he assisted with the launching of the Step Into Health program at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital in Lambeth.


At the event, the heir to the British throne spent some time with patients'families, former vets, and the staff of the establishment.

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A show of confidence

Since the Duke's nearly bald head made its debut, fans have been wondering what might have inspired the change. Of course, some people probably saw this coming because Prince William's hair has been receding gradually over time.


Celebrity hairstylist, Joe Mills, told The Independent what he thought about the change. In his opinion, Prince William's decision to show off such a dramatically different hairstyle at a public event portrayed the royal's "self-assurance."


Mills explained that the issue of his thinning hair and gradual loss have been brought up quite a few times online and in the media.

I think him just literally going I’m going to crop my hair off is a really strong statement, a very confident statement.

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'Sick of the teasing!'

While it did not seem like the public's opinion about his hair was what inspired him to make a change, sources revealed that there might be another factor that influenced his decision.

According to UK Sun, Prince Harry's playful teasing might have been led Prince William to decide that he had had enough.


A source who spoke to the publication said that Harry would often tease his brother about going bald, and chopping it all off was the solution the Duke came up with.

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Regardless of his reasons, we have to say that a shorter version fits the Prince quite nicely.

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Prince William