7th Grade Student Shoots Himself In A School Bathroom In Ohio


February 21, 2018 13:34 By Fabiosa

It seems the heartbreaking news just keep coming. Reports say a 7th grader shot himself in a school bathroom on Tuesday.

A sad tale

Authorities have confirmed that a seventh-grade student turned a gun on himself while being inside a restroom in Ohio middle school on the morning of February 20. Following this shocking event, the school immediately went into lockdown.

It is yet to be confirmed if the shooting was intentional or an accident. However, police did reveal that the yet-to-be-identified student was carrying a "distractionary device" in his backpack.

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It was also reported that no other students were hurt during this incident. The boy was immediately transported to a nearby hospital after the shooting. There is no official word yet on his condition.

Jackson Township Police Chief, Mark Brink, said the device found in the victim's backpack was not one that could have "caused harm to others." It was, however, capable of producing a smoke or a loud bang that could cause a decent diversion.

The weapon with which the boy shot himself was described by Brink as a .22-caliber rifle. It's still not known how the student was able to get the gun into the school premises undetected.

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This is coming after another tragic shooting

17 people were confirmed dead after a gunman named Nikolas Cruz took a gun into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida and began shooting people


The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, February 14th, reignited the arguments for the need for gun law reforms in the United States.


Some students in the Washington DC area staged a 'lie-in' protest near the White House to get the attention of lawmakers and urge them to make adjustments to gun laws.


Is this an issue?

Since the story of the Ohio shooting broke, many people took to Twitter to express their opinion that stricter gun regulations are the best ways to put an end to gun-related tragedies such as this.

School shootings are very devastating, both to victims and the community as a whole. It makes people feel unsafe and anxious. It's our hope that no more student will have to undergo such trauma.

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