Dad Shakes And Assaults 6-Week-Old Baby To Death After Mom Left Them Home Alone


A man has been convicted of manslaughter after he shook his 6-week-old child until he passed away.

An awful father

43-year-old Pedro Rubim has been jailed for more than eight years over his actions which led to the death of his son, Alejandro. The little child suffered fatal brain injuries that led to bleeding under his skull.

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Alejandro's mom told the police that she left the child in his dad's care when she went to visit a doctor. By the time she returned, Pedro was sitting on a couch and their baby was on the floor.

Initially, Pedro refused to admit that he was the cause of the boy's death. It was only when the trial began that he confessed that he had 'shaken' the baby.

During the trial, he revealed that he only shook Alejandro gently at first and more vigorously when he attempted to revive him after noticing the child was unresponsive.

His story did not correlate with what medical examiners discovered. A small abrasion was found on Alejandro's head, and there was deep bruising to both buttocks. In addition, the boy hemorrhaged in one of his retinae. The signs were reportedly consistent with head injuries of shaking or forceful impact.

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When he was first interviewed after the incident, Pedro claimed that he left his son in the baby bouncer, and when he returned, the child was injured and on the floor. However, the medical examination showed that the boy's injuries could not have been caused by a fall.

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Shaken baby syndrome

Sadly, there are a lot of stories about babies being shaken to death, accidentally or intentionally. While it may not seem like enough to kill a child, a baby's brain and neck muscles are very soft that they cannot withstand forceful handling.

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Shaking a baby can cause their brain to repeatedly collide with the inside of their skull, thus triggering bruising, brain bleed, and brain swelling, which can be fatal.

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