Fans Cannot Get Enough! 'Roseanne' Has Already Been Approved For A Second Season After A Record-Breaking First Episode

Date April 2, 2018

'Roseanne' is shaping up to be one of the most successful comedy comebacks of all times, and the producers are giving fans exactly what they want - a second season.

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A record-breaking first episode

The TV show returned to our screens on March 27. After weeks of hype and excitement, many people were a little bit afraid that the reboot would not meet expectations. But it surpassed them, and then some.

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The reboot, which saw the return of most of the cast, drew in a whopping 18.1 million audience. This made it the highest-rated sitcom in over three years.

Fans took to social media to share how great that first episode was and how amazed they were that the show did so great.

More good news

In a rare and surprising move, the Roseanne reboot is getting a second season, after the release of just one episode.

On Friday afternoon, ABC announced that the family comedy show will be getting a second season. In a congratulatory tweet, they said, "you asked for it! #Roseanne is getting another season!

A little while later, the star of the show, Roseanna Barr, came on social media to share her excitement at the news while also appreciating the show's cast and crew, and of course the fans.

I just got the call-thank u ABC! Thank you, Roseanne Show family (including fans)

B'aruch Hashem

Again, this news was received with positivity from the lovers of the show. Many of them shared congratulatory messages on Twitter.

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Some great scenes to get you up to speed

On the Instagram page dedicated to 'Roseanne', some clips from the show's first episodes were shared. While they did not give too much away, they were just enough to fill us with nostalgia and get us all excited for the coming episodes. Check out a few of them below.

Becky, have we taught you nothing? #Roseanne

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You're looking at a true Conner ???? #Roseanne

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What do you do when you have alone time? Wait! We don't want to know. #Roseanne

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The routine makes telling them we're poor more fun. #Roseanne

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We want Mark to aim high! TJ Maxx, Ross, maybe even Target. #Roseanne

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We're pretty stoked to learn that Roseanne isn't going off the air anytime soon, and we bet subsequent episodes will be as well-received as the first.

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