'Greatest Momma Of All Time!' Alexis Ohanian's Sweet Gesture To Celebrate Serena William's Return To Tennis

Date March 1, 2018

Alexis Ohanian celebrated his wife's return to tennis by taking out four billboards ads containing some of the sweetest messages ever.


Alexis' loving gesture

The Reddit co-founder commissioned four billboards in California to let the world know how proud he is of his tennis pro wife, Serena Williams, as she gets set to return to the game in March.

Serena will be playing in the 2018 BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells. This will be her first tournament since the 2017 Australian Open in December - a game she played just three months after giving birth to her daughter, Olympia.

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Alexis' billboards can be found on the road to the venue of the tournament. The pictures were those of Serena and their baby daughter. They said: "Greatest Momma Of All Time" and "Serena Williams G.M.O.A.T."

The sportswoman was very appreciative of her husband's actions. In the comment section of his Instagram post, she said, "literally am crying. This is so sweet. I love you."

Fans react

Many people who saw these sweet pictures and messages were deeply touched. They found Alexis' gesture very romantic and sang his praises all over Twitter.

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Serena's childbirth challenges

Today, the couple are very happy parents of a beautiful daughter, but bringing little Olympia into the world was not without its challenges. While speaking to CNN, Serena revealed that she went through quite the ordeal during childbirth.

She had earlier told Vogue that she had to undergo an emergency C-section to have her baby and, subsequently, needed urgent medical intervention to keep her alive.

To CNN, she said that while her pregnancy had gone smoothly, the birth was a different story entirely. Her C-section wound popped open due to an intense coughing fit that resulted from an embolism.

She had to be taken back into surgery, and doctors found a large hematoma (blood clot) in her abdomen. Another surgery was performed to keep the clots from traveling to her lungs, which could lead to fatal consequences.

Well, we are glad that she came out of that as a healthy and happy mother of one. She did have to spend six weeks on bed rest following this experience, but today, she's strong, well, and just cannot wait to get back in the game. She has a proud and loving husband cheering her on all the way.

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