Royal Shade! Did Queen Elizabeth Just Break Protocol To Poke Fun At President Donald Trump?

Date April 11, 2018

It turns out Queen Elizabeth II is quite the jokester. Her hilarious quip during a recent interview raised a few eyebrows - but we think it was all in good fun.

She compares President Trump to a noisy helicopter

The British monarch recently filmed a documentary at Buckingham Palace about her love to trees. She was interviewed by ITV 1 and shared some of her passion.

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However, while the Queen and the host of the documentary, David Attenborough, were taking a quiet stroll in the garden, loud aircrafts hovering overhead interrupted their conversation. Apparently, Queen Elizabeth was not thrilled about the disruption. She said:

Why do they go round and round when you want to talk? Sounds like President Trump Or President Obama.


Has she broken a royal rule?

While most people will agree that the Queen was just making a harmless joke, one has to wonder if her choice of personalities may be considered a breach of protocol.


The royal laws dictate that Queen Elizabeth must be politically neutral at all times, and when others have conversations with her, they should be kept confidential. This is why the 91-year-old family monarch has neither given a press interview nor vote during elections.

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We imagine Sir Attenborough was a little taken aback by the Queen's somewhat political opinion.

The documentary

This one-off special documentary titled The Queen's Green Planet will air on ITV1 next week. It will feature a conversation between Her Majesty and the well-known broadcaster.

From the interview, people will learn all about the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy and her passion for trees.

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