Tragic Story Of A Heroic Man Who Fell From A Cliff While Trying To Rescue His Dog

Date February 22, 2018 14:46

In a truly unfortunate incident, a man tried to rescue his dog but ended up losing his own life in the process.


A brave decision

An unidentified 67-year-old man was hiking with his dog near an ocean cliff south of San Francisco. Around the noon, his pet went over the edge of the cliff and seemed to be stuck on the ledge. The owner immediately rushed to the animal in hopes of saving his life.

Unfortunately, the man slipped and fell about 500 feet, according to National Park Service. He did not survive the fall.

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Rescuers rushed to his aid, but he succumbed to his injuries and soon passed away. He was airlifted by a helicopter, while his beloved dog watched closely from a ledge on the cliff.

The animal was eventually coaxed by the dead man's son who was called to the scene after the incident. The dog was uninjured.

The National Park Services, while giving the update, warned people not to risk their lives to save dogs from cliffs as animals are much more capable of surviving dangerous situations than humans are.


Jumping into a lake to save puppy

While the National Park Services may be right, it's not so easy to stay calm when a beloved pet is in trouble. The instinct is to rush to their rescue. A woman's story went viral about a year ago when she jumped into freezing water to save her drowning pup.

Many people watched as she removed her shoes, grabbed a floater and rushed to the aid of her dog. She received a lot of praise for her heroic actions.

Speaking of heroes...

Who says you can only go out of your way for the ones you love? An Indian man named Balu felt so much compassion for abandoned dogs that he decided to do something about it.

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He saved up as much as he could until he could afford to buy an ambulance that he used to rescue animals in trouble.

Turning a blind eye to a scared and suffering animal is pretty hard to do. And these three heroes prove just that.

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