"Everything Went Bad!": Serena Williams On Medical Complications After The Childbirth

Date January 12, 2018 15:02

Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia Ohanian graced the recent cover of Vogue Magazine. The tennis pro announced this on her Instagram page while sharing a picture of the gorgeous mom and daughter on the cover.

Childbirth complications and having to stand up for herself

In the interview with Vogue, the mom revealed a lot about her experience with childbirth and the health problems she experienced after her baby was born.

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Even though the pregnancy was relatively easy, and as uncomplicated as they come, the medical ordeal she suffered after delivering her baby was much less so.

An emergency C-section had to be carried out after Serena's heart rate went dangerously low during labor. The surgery itself went successfully and her then-fiance, Alexis, was there to welcome their baby girl into the world by cutting the cord. She told the magazine:

That was an amazing feeling. And then everything went bad.

A day later, while she was recovering and everyone thought all was going well, Serena realized that she was experiencing shortness of breath. The sportswoman who has a history of developing blood clots immediately feared she was having a pulmonary embolism. She was on blood thinners but had to get off the meds due to the recent C-section surgery.

As the symptoms got worse, Serena managed to get out of the bed and reached out to the nearest nurse. She informed the nurse that she needed a CT scan to be done and IV heparin (a blood thinner) immediately.

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To her utmost frustration, the nurse did not pay her suggestion any heed as she thought the new mom was just disoriented due to the pain medicine she had been receiving. So, instead of the CT scan she requested, the doctors performed an ultrasound, which did not reveal anything that could be the cause of her discomfort.

Serena continued to insist on the CT and heparin drip, and finally, the docs did what she said. It was then they found she had several blood clots in her lungs. After getting the drip, she felt much better.

But this was not the end. A few days after the incident, her C-section wound popped open after an intense coughing spell, which occurred as a result of the pulmonary embolism. She was taken back to surgery where a large hematoma was discovered in her abdomen. Evidently, the blood thinner that might have saved her life caused her to hemorrhage at her incision site. Another surgery was performed to keep more clots from dislodging and heading for her lungs.

She returned home a week later and had to spend the following six weeks unable to get out of bed. It was, as one might expect, a source of frustration and pain for her. She was unable to be with her baby as much as she would have liked, and not being able to help with such things as bathing her and changing diapers made her feel quite helpless.

Her happy and healthy little girl

Fortunately, Serena eventually got her strength back and has been able to spend a lot of time with her little girl. The mom would often share pictures and little bits of details about her motherhood journey on her Instagram page.

We're are glad that both mom and baby are doing well after such a difficult start. Kudos to Serena for being brave enough to narrate what must have been one of the scariest moments of her life.

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