Ben Affleck Responds To The Post Made By 'New Yorker'

Date April 3, 2018

Since his 2016 divorce from Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck has received his fair share of bashing in the media. The New Yorker shared a photograph of a potting Affleck on the beach in Honolulu. He was on set shooting Triple Frontier, a new action flick for NETFLIX. And the post has since gone viral.

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Back in 2016 when Affleck was first seen with the tattoo, he claimed it was a fake for a movie. Two years after, it seems the tattoo is still on him. As the New Yorker suggests, it’s just a sign that Affleck is losing his grip and slowly slipping into the rut of his dreary life.

Affleck claps back hard

Despite the buzz caused by the magazine, Affleck says he is doing awesome. He had a pretty snippy response for the magazine on Twitter.

Back in 2016, the Affleck tattoo was the foundation for a myriad of memes, many of which have again started making the rounds after the new photo of Affleck emerged. However, the Batman star is far from bothered.

Things may get worse for Affleck soon

With the Harvey Weinstein scandal far from over, it seems likely that Affleck may be working his way to becoming the next target. In his case, it may not be for sexual harassment but more for bad PR.

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It is a well-known fact that Affleck has enjoyed ample goodwill from Weinstein in the span of his career. The disgraced mogul produced and heavily promoted 1997’s Goodwill Hunting.

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At the end of 2017, Affleck shared a post on Facebook, basically defending Weinstein, saying he was “saddened and angry” by the allegations made by several women against the producer.

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Actress Rose McGowan who starred alongside Affleck in 1998’s Phantoms, also produced by Weinstein, called out Affleck. She claims he knew all along about Weinstein and his predatory acts.

It wasn’t long before old videos of Affleck displaying not-so-civil behavior in public started appearing. As it stands, it may be wise if he steered clear of the Weinstein scandal for good.

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