Heather Locklear Refuses To Leave Rehab After A Month

Date March 30, 2018

Actress Heather Locklear was arrested late February following reports of domestic violence at her Thousand Oaks home in California. The police were alerted to the scene just after 9:30 pm on the 25th.


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Three officers showed up at the scene to determine the cause of the disturbance. Locklear is said to have attacked the officers before they restrained her.

She was later taken into custody and booked on one count of felony domestic battery and three counts of battery for allegedly attacking the Ventura County Sheriff's deputies. Investigations showed that Locklear had battered and injured her boyfriend Chris Heisser.

Comfy in rehab

It has been a month already since the Melrose Place was arrested. She was released and checked into a rehab facility for substance abuse.


A source speaking with PEOPLE confirmed that the 56-year-old was doing fine and responding to treatment.

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Oddly, the source also added that Locklear was not keen on checking out saying, “She is still there and she hasn’t wanted to leave. She is planning on staying another month.


It seems like Chris Heisser declined filing charges against Locklear, so she is free on that count. However, she still has to face the other count of battery against the deputies and obstruction.

Celebrity drug problems

Substance abuse has always been the Achilles’ heel for many celebrities. Jamie Lee Curtis confessed in 2011 that she had been addicted to painkillers. Her problem started at age of 35 after she went through a routine surgery. She also had a drinking problem, which was a result of her loneliness.

Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. had been arrested several times for drug possession. He served ample time in jail and rehab before quitting his habits in 2001.

His rise from junkie to international superstar captured headlines and proved once again that nobody is ever beyond help.

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Heather Locklear