Who Needs A Calligrapher When You Have Meghan Markle

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The cards were addressed by the Prince of Wales and went out to 600 guests expected to attend the nuptials.

As always, the guest list was not released to the public. Still, the event will be broadcasted live, so everyone will get to see the brilliant couple say their “I do’s”.

Pst, Meghan has a secret super power

Most people know Meghan from her years on Suits. However, before that, Meghan had a particularly different job. And no, it did not involve spandex and capes. Meghan was a calligrapher.

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Between 2000 – 2005, she worked as a calligrapher at Paper Source store in Beverly Hills. CEO of Paper Source, Winnie Park, while speaking to PEOPLE, revealed that Meghan even taught classes on calligraphy.

In addition, Meghan also did some freelancing by the side. The royal bride-to-be actually wrote the wedding invitations for Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s 2005 wedding.

Is she still going to act after her wedding?

The answer is still up in the air, but from all indications, Meghan’s acting days are gone. She already quit her role in Suits as part of her preparation for the wedding.


There is no rule that stops her from pursuing her profession. However, the royal family is sure to have some concerns about friction with the press if Meghan decides to continue acting.


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