Fans Of Kate Middleton Are Camping Outside St. Mary's Hospital

Date April 16, 2018

The whole world is watching with excitement, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge get ready for baby number 3. And the delivery date is growing ever closer, The Sun speculates that the baby may be born on St. George’s Day.

Although the couple is still yet to officially announce the gender of their baby, Prince William may have let that information slip. Earlier, after a match between Aston Villa and Cardiff City, he excitedly told fans he would name his child for a footballer.

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However, there is still a lot of room for speculation about the gender of the royal baby. This is because no official announcement has been made.

Eager fans have set up camp outside St. Mary’s Hospital

With just days to go before the birth, fans of Kate Middleton are already showing how much they love the royal. Some have been spotted camping in the vicinity of St. Mary’s Hospital. The eager fans were captured with flags and outfits made of the Union Jack.

Despite the chilly weather, these fans are determined to get a front row seat on the day of delivery. They have been staying warm thanks to blankets and duvets.

Furthermore, a couple of the fans have already begun posting photo journals on social media, capturing their time at the hospital and in the build-up to the royal arrival.


Of course, the fans will not be allowed into the hospital when the day comes, but at least, they will get a glimpse of the new baby before most other people.

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What will the new baby be called?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their first two children with reference to previous royals. Prince George’s name is traced back to George I, the first Hanoverian King of Great Britain.

Princess Charlotte has a longer pedigree for her name. Queen Charlotte was the wife of George III, her granddaughter was Princess Charlotte of Wales, and Kate Middleton’s paternal great-great-great-grandmother Charlotte Ablett.


According to The Telegraph, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are likely to follow the same naming tradition. Alice, Mary, Alexandra, or Victoria top the list for a girl names. Frederick, James, Arthur, or Philip are the likely options if it is a boy.

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