It's National Siblings Day, And Donald Trump Jr. Shares These Cute Photos With His Siblings

Date April 11, 2018

April 10 is celebrated every year as the National Siblings Day. The celebration was founded in 1995 by New York native, Claudia Evart. She lost two siblings earlier in her life and felt a need to celebrate them every year.

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Siblings can make growing up a pleasant experience or help create unpleasant memories. Still, they are usually the closest people we ever come in contact. Siblings Day is a perfect opportunity to appreciate them and show how much you care.

Donald Trump Jr. is in the celebratory groove

In spite of his divorce and the drama surrounding alleged ties with Russia during the last US presidential elections, Donald Trump Jr. is still in the festive mood.

Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron make up the Trump clan. Right now, the only Trump child living in the White House is Barron, who is still in school.

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It is interesting to note that the Trump children have always been very close, despite having different mothers. To an extent, it does say a lot about President Donald Trump and his parenting abilities.

Good relationships with siblings are important

Sometimes, people take for granted the relationship they have with siblings. However, these are the most important relationships of all. It is during the growing years that the most powerful emotions are learned.

The sibling relationship is distinctive in its emotional power and intimacy, and in its heady mix of competitiveness, protectiveness, antagonism and affection. - Terri Apter

A study by Penn State University in 1996 revealed that children spend 33% of their free time with siblings till about 11 years of age. It only follows that the relationship between siblings will be more intense than others.


Love and intimacy are essential for the development of stable and socially conscious individuals. They form the basis for most of the family interaction and also translate to other relationships as people grow older.

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So, take some time out today and celebrate your siblings. Share a smile or send a message of a sweet present. They are sure to appreciate it.

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