Should The Newborn Babies Have Their Own Social Media Accounts? Ask Khloe Kardashian

Date April 20, 2018

After months of secrecy, Khloe Kardashian has given birth to her baby girl with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Sources report that the delivery took place on April 12 in Cleveland. According to TMZ, her family was with her during the process.

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She shared this post on her Instagram account two days ago, and it was all pink with balloons, furry toys, and flowers. Khloe and Tristan have chosen a particularly different name for their daughter. The baby is called True.

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The 33-year-old reality star revealed the gender of her baby on the season 14 final of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which aired in March. Khloe was on a trip to San Francisco with her sisters at the time.

Instagram babies

With the increasing popularity of celebrity Instagram accounts, some users have taken it up a notch. Some celebrities have accounts for their pets and expensive toys. Others, like Khloe, started Instagram accounts for their babies.

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Although the account is still pretty bare, it has gotten almost 200k followers. And this is just the first week. In March, Khloe shared pictures from her baby shower that are still racking up views.

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If the numbers are anything to go by, True is already set to enjoy a massive following of her own. But is it too early to introduce the child to Instagram?

The logic behind managing an account and sharing content that may turn out to be sensitive is a big burden to put on a baby. It is especially troubling, as babies cannot say what they want to be shared or not.

There are other famous Instagram children

Little Lara is a daughter of Malaysian actors Awal Ashaari and Scha Al-Yahya. Like her popular parents, she enjoys a massive following with over 3 million fans.

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Haru Lee comes pretty close to Lara with 2 million followers on her Instagram. Her father is Korean rapper and entertainer, Tablo. She isn’t as young as Lara, but she is a child.

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