Ambiguous Attitude Of Amy Roloff's Fans To Her 'Little Business' And The Way She Promotes It Online

Date March 23, 2018

Similarly to other users but unlike the celebrities, Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff uses her Instagram page to promote the goods of her own business. Her Little Kitchen collected dubious comments from the fans, and now, while the 53-year-old American TV actress is promoting her upcoming book A Little Me, her subscribers also have ambiguous thoughts regarding the social media usage.


Little Kitchen by Amy

Amy Roloff is proud of her personal business project Little Kitchen. She offers a variety of baking products that look quite appealing – cookies, loaves, bread, pancakes, and even toppings.

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She is happy to share a part of herself with anybody, as the exclusive baking is uniquely made with love and tender:

It makes me happy to share my family's favorites with all of you.

She used to promote her brand online, particularly on Instagram. Some of the fans were glad to see the photos of the delicious cookies in their timeline, while others didn’t quite get the point.

Fans' reaction

Amy is now preparing her own book called A Little Me and is inspired to share the writing process with her fans. However, some people would rather like and comment the photos of her children or some adorable moments from her life rather than constant product hawking.

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On the other hand, the most devoted fans totally understand the actress’ choice and support her in the business.

Other businesses

Amy is not the only one to own an unexpected business. Some celebrities have also created their own brands: Ryan Reynolds: Aviation Gin; George Clooney: Casamigos Tequila; Jessica Alba: The Honest Company; Ellen Degeneres: Ed By Ellen; Jessica Biel: Au Fudge; and other businesses are now parts of the entrepreneur world.


Most of them are quite successful, and it is obvious that the stars used their social media to promote their products. Amy’s fans shouldn’t be worrying about the content of her Instagram. Once she finishes her book, she will perhaps return to the normal everyday social media routine.

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