Indian Ocean, Ireland, Or Africa? Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Choose The Location Of Their Honeymoon

Date March 23, 2018

The royal honeymoon awaits Harry and Meghan quite soon. What will they choose? Reminisce the good old times to go back to Botswana? Or maybe agree with Prince William’s choice and travel all the way to Seychelles. Let’s break it down.


Wedding details

May 19 is the day that half of the world is patiently waiting for. St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle is the place where everything will happen. 800 guests will be sitting in the church to eyewitness the tremendous event of the year.

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Prince William will perhaps be Harry’s best man, while Meghan is still choosing between her close friends – Canadian stylist Jessica Mulroney and Indian actress and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra. Those are the recent details of the wedding. What about us? We may only wait for the fabulous event to start to enjoy another unique royal traditional ceremony.

Possible place for the rest

The integral part of every wedding, regardless how royal it is, should be the first journey together as a family. There have been a lot of discussions and choices about that, but it is most likely that Harry and Meghan will choose among the three locations. It is already decided that their trip to Ireland will be the first travel as a family.


Will they make it an official honeymoon rest? Only time will tell. Another possible variant is Harry’s choice for the third date with Meghan – Botswana.


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Moreover, Markle’s engagement ring features a diamond from the African country, so the odds are in favor of deciding to go exactly there. Finally, Prince William and Kate Middleton have spent unforgettable 10 days in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on Seychelles.

The brothers are in good relationship, so who knows, maybe, Harry will choose the remote islands for his first vacation with Meghan?

Kate and William's honeymoon

Talking about Seychelles, until the recent time, the public knew very little about the honeymoon of Harry’s elder brother. Later, it was revealed that Kate and William spent a wonderful time in a $6,000-a-night luxurious villa with a private swimming pool, a personal chef, and a butler.


All the places seem quite appealing and themed, but it is only up to the couple to choose where to find the peace and quiet during their honeymoon.


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