Cameron Douglas Is Proud Of Being A Part Of Such A Caring Family

Date February 16, 2018

It has been a long and difficult period in Cameron’s life, and when everything is finally over, he is unbelievably grateful for everything that his beloved people did to him.


Sorrowful past

Michael Douglas can finally breathe a sigh of relief as his only child is finally out of prison.

Back in 2010, Cameron was sentenced to five years in prison for distributing methamphetamine and cocaine at Manhattan's Hotel Gansevoort.


Unfortunately, the young actor and DJ didn’t learn the lesson and received two additional years for smuggling drugs inside the rehabilitation center.

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Regardless of his influence and wealth, Michael Douglas couldn’t do anything about it and patiently waited for the return of his son.

Great support in hard times

In his first interview after leaving the jail, young Douglas thanked not only his father but his stepmother, Catherine Zeta-Jones, as well:

My family never gave up on me, not for one second. Catherine never gives up on anything, and she didn’t quit on me. The love of my family got me through my darkest days.

Being regarded as a black sheep in the family of successful actors, Cameron Douglas is now fully recovered from the previous annoying life.

Michael can’t help being satisfied with what his son is up to now.


Inspiring rehabilitation process

Nowadays, the son of the Wall Street actor is proud of his rule number one – sobriety. He is living a normal life with his girlfriend, Viviane Thibes, in New York.

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The family is saved Cameron from the former awful existence:

In difficult times, we tend to come closer. Our family is closer now than ever. It is a beautiful sort of trait that we have.

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