Despite The Negative Criticism From Fans, Amy Roloff Shares Photo Of Her Romantic Holiday With Chris Marek

Date April 16, 2018

Amy is living her best life with Chris Marek and some friends on a Caribbean cruise. She and her boyfriend are always taking adventure trips. But fans never let her boyfriend, Chris Marek, catch a break. What could be more romantic than taking a vacation with a loved one?

It's so important to travel with your partner


According to a survey of 1,000 couples about understanding how vital traveling with a partner is, almost 63% of the respondents claimed that traveling has helped them stay together. Here are a few reasons to travel with a partner:

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1. Create and share unforgettable moments


You’ll be writing history together as well as creating wonderful adventures and moments.

2. It’s more economical


Traveling with someone is far more cost-effective than traveling solo since you will be sharing the costs for your meals, taxicab fares, activities, and accommodations.

3. Improves intimacy


A survey conducted by the US Travel Association in 2013 suggested that traveling with your partner is more likely to create a spark of romance in your relationship than a gift.

4. It brings out your partner’s true character


Traveling, in many ways, can push your partner away from his or her comfort zones, which will let you discover your partner’s positive and negative traits.

Amy enjoys a cruise with her boyfriend

Amy and her boyfriend Chris Marek concluded their cruise vacation in style—with a romantic dinner on the ship for two.

The Little People Big World star beamed in the photo she posted on Instagram of herself with real estate agent Marek. Amy dressed up fancy in a burgundy-colored sleeveless dress, and Marek looked dapper in a beige suit jacket and white shirt.

Best places in the world to travel in the spring


Spring is the ideal time to visit many of the world's most famous vacation destinations. Before the peak summer crowds roll in, travelers can often find pleasant temperatures, fewer tourists, and affordable lodging and airfare rates.

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1. Auckland, New Zealand


May sees both the lowest airfares and hotel rates in Auckland, as well as smaller crowds, so make the most of that. Plus, it's fall in New Zealand, so you can expect mild temperatures.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana


The craziness of Mardi Gras will have settled down by spring, meaning the area will cheaper to travel to, and the attractions won't be crowded. If you travel here in April, May, or June, you'll miss the rainy days of winter and arrive before the real humidity hits.

3. Marrakesh, Morocco


The desert heat becomes close to unbearable in the summer months, but the warm weather is pleasant in April and May and lasts both day and night. Explore the markets or take in the desert views during your trip.

4. New York City, New York


Freezing in the winter and swelteringly hot in the summer, spring is the best time to visit the Big Apple. It also draws fewer tourists.

5. Chengdu, China


Thanks to the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding it is home to, a conservation center where visitors can view endangered pandas, Chengdu has become a popular tourist destination.


Simply getting away as a couple, facing the challenges and joys of travel together, will have you growing stronger together, learning more about each other than you thought possible and even making very real decisions on the future of your relationship.

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