Company Released A Video Revealing The Crazy Tricks Used In Hair Commercials


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In a move for more authenticity, Suave's new Hair You Can Believe campaign takes on the tricks that hair commercials have used behind the scenes for years.

The main hair tricks used by haircare brands


The idea that hair care brands should be showing real results may not seem groundbreaking at first, but when surveyed, only 2 in 10 millennial women were aware of some of the most commonly used tricks in hair care advertising. Here are weird tricks by stylists that make hair look good in ads:

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1. Wind Machines


Nearly every stylist mentioned says that yes, wind machines are still the number one trick to getting that full volume, omg-look-at-that-head-of-hair look.

2. Soap


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Mara Roszak, from L'Oréal Paris, says: "You wet the soap and actually apply the foam to the hair, similar to how you would apply pomade. After use, it gives hair volume and holds."

3. Dishwashing Detergents

Joel Warren, master colorist and co-founder of Warren-Tricomi Salon who's been on set for many Garnier ads, says: "I'll wash hair with Dawn dishwashing detergent to dissolve the buildup of oil."

Haircare brand reveals beauty tricks used in ads

The brand made use of models who styled their hair using Suave Professionals products.

To jumpstart the campaign, the company shared behind-the-scenes videos that showcased the finishing poles used to simulate shine and foot-long extensions used to show long and effortless tresses.

SuaveBeauty / YouTube

Suave's objective is for women to choose the products that work best for them and believe that the luscious hair seen in ads can be achieved in real life. Simple as that.

SuaveBeauty / YouTube

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Tips to make your hair stronger


Weak hair takes on many styles and is often noticeable to others. With that said, weak hair can be a detriment to our fashion sense and self image. Here are some tips on how to make weak hair stronger.

1. The right products avoid further damage


Using the best products for weak hair is essential to restoring troubled tresses. For weak, delicate hair, use a shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to reinforce the hair by infusing protein, amino acids, and other strengthening properties.

2. Strengthen hair by switching up style


Change how you wear your hair every day: "Wearing your hair down day after day can result in tangles and split ends. But ponytails, tight braids, and dreadlocks can also stress tresses and cause weakening."

3. Treat split-ends


There is no total cure for split ends, but you can keep them at bay with a trim every six to eight weeks. For more temporary remedies, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner and apply a treatment oil to just the tips of tresses. When styling, reinforcing products are best, as they help bond the ends together.

Do you have DIY tips that you have tried and they worked? Share with us in the comments.

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