Donald Trump Warns Russia To 'Get Ready' For Missile Attack On Syria

Date April 13, 2018

In a dramatic escalation of tensions between the two countries, the POTUS warned that the US missile strike against Moscow's close ally Syria “will be coming,” and he taunted Russia over its threat to retaliate.


The situation with the chemical attack in Syria

According to the World Health Organization, about 500 people were affected by a suspected chemical attack last week on Syria's rebel-held town of Douma.


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Reports say it's difficult to place an exact figure on the number of people killed and wounded in the outskirts of Damascus, a development that has pushed the United States and its allies to the verge of military confrontation in Syria.

But in a statement, WHO cited reports from its health partners and said an estimated 500 patients seen at medical facilities exhibited symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals.

These symptoms included respiratory failure, severe irritation of mucous membranes, and disruption to the central nervous system. WHO said more than 70 people taking shelter in basements reportedly died in the attack, with 43 of those deaths related to exposure to toxic chemicals.


The statement was released after the United States and Russia, Syria's key ally, blocked each other's proposals for an independent investigation during the heated UN Security Council meeting.

Donald Trump warns Russia to 'get ready' for strikes on Syria

Donald Trump is considering a much larger military strike against Syria to send a powerful message to dictator Bashar al-Assad not to repeat the use of chemical weapons on his people.


The president has been meeting with advisers and is reportedly weighing up whether to order a more robust airstrike than the 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, which the US has used in Syria last April.


Military conflict between the United States and Russia is closer than at any time since the Cold War after Mr. Trump confirmed plans for the airstrikes, despite Russian threats that it would shoot down American missiles.

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People's reaction to his provocative tweet


Trump's threat is unlike anything from the US president in modern history – triggered, most likely, by edited or mistranslated remarks. The tweet provoked a flurry of reactions.

We await the next course of action and hope for the best.

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