US President's Hair Was Unraveled During A Walk Towards Air Force One

Date April 6, 2018

Donald Trump is known to be extremely sensitive in matters that concern his hair. Recently, as he was boarding the Air Force One, the wind decided to take his hair for a ride, and the internet is loving all the pictures.


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Donald Trump reacts to his hair


Earlier this year, Trump poked fun at the lengths he goes to hide his bald spot and appeared to pantomime the movements needed to assemble his elaborately dyed, comb-over coiffure each day.


During the Conservative Political Action Conference, amidst cheers and laughter, he admitted:

I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks. I work hard at it,

In February, a similar hair malfunction occurred, as Trump boarded Air Force One, exposing a swath of baldness on the back of his head.

Trump's hair takes off as he boards Air Force One to West Virginia


There's hair that gets perfectly swept by the wind, there's hair that gets messy and tangled, and then, there's Donald Trump's hair, which looks like it is trying to completely dislodge itself from his scalp. But much like Trump's sway on parts of the nation, his scalp maintains a strong, sticky grip on his hair.

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The internet is loving it


The unfortunately-timed photo of President Donald Trump became the latest fodder for memes on Twitter. Trump may not have been amused, but the photo led Twitter users to crack jokes.

Perhaps, one day, Trump's hair will find freedom. Today, it is not that day.

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