Ellen DeGeneres Donated $1 Million To High School Athletes Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Date April 18, 2018 13:31

There are many reasons to love Ellen DeGeneres. She's hilarious. She's charismatic. She can out dance anybody out there, and she's pretty awesome at hosting her talk show.


But above all the reasons mentioned above, DeGeneres' generosity is what makes us hold her near and dear to our hearts.

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Hurricane Harvey in Texas

Hurricane Harvey is tied with Hurricane Katrina as the costliest tropical cyclone on record, inflicting $125 billion in damage, primarily from catastrophic rainfall-triggered flooding in the Houston metropolitan area.

Ellen DeGeneres donated 1 million dollars

The talk show host surprised Rockport-Fulton High School students on the Ellen Show with the news that she and the Lowe’s Heroes program was donating $1 million to rebuild the school’s gymnasium that was utterly destroyed during Hurricane Harvey.

The show traveled to the area to interview the girls’ volleyball team about their post-Harvey life and how much the gym, a hub of the town’s only high school, meant to them.

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She is making this world better


This is not the first time the generous talk-show host has donated to Hurricane Harvey relief.


Last August, she pledged $50,000 of her own money to help the victims, and she presented a $1 million check courtesy of Walmart to J.J. Watt's crowdfunding initiative.


Ellen has used fame as a platform to encourage human compassion and support the worthy causes of many charities, organizations, and individuals on her famous talk show.


Whether it's donating $1 million to natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey or full-ride scholarships to deserving teenagers, it's hard not to love what DeGeneres is doing with her platform.

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