Bachelor Finale: Arie Luyendyk Breaks Up With His Chosen Bride In A Surprising Twist

Date March 7, 2018 10:57

When Arie Luyendyk Jr. was announced as the The Bachelor for this season, it was unexpected. His family learnt the news like everyone else: on Good Morning America.


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Bachelor Nation

For Arie, this was a return to Bachelor Nation. On Season 8 of The Bachelorette, in 2012, he had come really close to winning Emily Maynard's heart. He was a close runner up. This time around, the 36-year-old race driver kept his cards close to his chest.

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He said:

I kind of kept things really under wraps just because I didn't know how this would turn out.

He was in the race with big names from Bachelor Nation, including Peter Kraus.

Boring season

Fans of the show followed the season with expectation, especially because Arie had expressed a clear desire to get hitched following his 24-year-old brother's marriage before he became The Bachelor.

Based on general consensus, however, the season was considerably drab.

In its 22nd run, the ABC show has had its fair share of naysayers. A lot of people consider the idea behind it unimaginative and not inclusive of multiple perspectives on love and romance.

WOW. ????

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As such, Arie's antics during the course of the show and his final choices, Lauren and Becca, did not come as a surprise.

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The season finale began without surprises.

Arie tells his family he is in love with both women. After they meet the women, they too are conflicted. Lauren is their apparent choice, but they think Becca is a better fit as a partner for Arie. In the end, The Bachelor picks Becca.

However, an unexpected twist on the show has gotten a lot of reactions both from fans of the show and critics alike.

Season finale shocker

People who get engaged on the show break up all the time, but what makes this break up remarkable is the way Arie chooses to go about it.

Becca is lured under the pretext of a couple's weekend to meet up with Arie. While the cameras roll, he tells her he's been thinking of the other woman, Lauren, and wants to be with her instead. A distraught Becca tries to cry off-camera, but Arie keeps seeking her out while the cameras follow him.

As captivating as this might be for fans, the show has been called out for taking advantage of Becca in ways that no other contestant on the show has been exploited in the past.

What do you think? Did Becca get what she bargained for, going into a show like The Bachelor, or did the organizers of the show push the envelope beyond acceptable limits?