They Have Big Dreams! Victoria Beckham Shares Her Inspiring Encounter With Young Kenyan Girls

Date March 20, 2018

"The future is female" - it is a catchphrase that is becoming more and more popular with good reason. Societies are questioning patriarchal structures, and people are joining their voices and resources to make a change.

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Big steps for Kenyan women

In Kenya, for instance, a law that was passed in 2013 has been giving women more direct access to property.

Historically, women in Kenya only had secondary rights to their own lands and properties.  What this meant was that the primary ownership of a woman's assets would belong to a male relative or her husband.

She could not inherit, manage, or dispose of her property.

But, the 2013 Matrimonial Property Act has been changing all of that. A woman can now sue if her property is forcefully sold by anyone in the family even if this person is her husband.

Victoria Beckham in Kenya

Within a global context, the gender issues women in Kenya face are certainly different from what a large number of women in Britain experience by a margin. Still, it matters when women stick together to amplify each other's voices.

In Kenya meeting girls at #boxgirls project which is supported by @sportrelief x

Публикация от Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham)

And, Victoria Beckham did just that recently during a trip to Kenya. The former Spice Girls singer went to the East African country in support of a "Sports Relief" charity event, and she documented her inspiring experience on her Instagram page.

Inspiring girls at #boxgirls in Kenya with @sportrelief X

Публикация от Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham)

The designer and wife of football legend, David Beckham, got to hang out with the girls from the Kenyan organization, Boxgirls, who told her that they found the sport empowering.

Victoria Beckham said in a video she shared of herself with the girls:

It's super interesting, the girls have big dreams! I'm sitting next to future lawyers, doctors, engineers, artists, surgeons!

Empowering day in Nairobi with Grace and @sportrelief X Good night Kenya ✨ kisses VB

Публикация от Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham)

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The mom of 4 was quite taken with a young girl whom she shared a fun pose with. She captioned their picture together: "Check out Michelle’s pose"!

Check out Michelle’s pose! X Kenya x @sportrelief x

Публикация от Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham)

Posh Spice leads by example

Although Beckham is only one in a list of celebrities who have taken up humanitarian duties for "Sports Relief", she seemed to be having a lot of fun in Kenya. She could probably do this full time!

I’ll blame the jeans for the fact that I’m not that good! #boxgirls @sportrelief X

Публикация от Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham)

She even joined the girls for boxing bouts and showed that at 43, she still had some sick moves. Posh Spice is never going to lose her spice!

Good morning Kenya! Hope the rain stays away today!☔️☔️☔️☔️ @sportrelief x

Публикация от Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham)

Cheers to women who empower themselves and other females. And cheers to young girls dreaming of taking over the world as engineers, doctors, boxers, and artists!

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Victoria Beckham