Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston's Possible Reunion? Families Of Both Stars Have Divided Opinions

Date March 7, 2018

Jennifer Aniston's love live has been one of the most public. The world has rooted for her relationships and taken some of her breakups very personal.


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Jen's relationships

Jennifer Aniston's men have mostly been known to the public, and a few of them have been colleagues. Notably, her relationship with Paul Rudd kicked off in 1998 after filming their movie The Object of My Affection.


Before this relationship, she dated her Friends co-star, Tate Donovan.


Of the men she has been associated with, the most high profile have been Gerard Butler, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, John Mayer, and Justin Theroux.


She was married to Pitt for 5 years and her 2015 marriage to Theroux ended recently in a separation that was apparently amicable.

Public interest

Needless to say, this interest in Jen's love live is not just a preoccupation of the general movie watching public. Her family members are engrossed too.


A family member recently told Radar Online that the family preferred the actress' first marriage. They were reportedly shocked by her secret marriage to Justin Theroux.

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Aniston’s cousin, Markos Papasifakis, said the whole family was invited for her first wedding, and he spoke glowingly of Brad Pitt. He said, "He is a very nice guy and has a very nice family".

Will they get back together?

Asked about the likelihood of the former couple getting back together, Papasifakis laughed off the idea. Unlike him, however, Brad Pitt's mom reportedly looks forward to the rekindling of this union.


It's great for Jen that she does not pay attention to all these opinions.


When she and Theroux announced their separation weeks ago, she said one of the major motivations for releasing their statement was to kill the chances of unfounded speculations.

For now, the actress seems to be focused on keeping her life private as she navigates this new phase of her life.

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