Does It Really Cost $280,000 To Sit Next To Prince Charles At A Public Event?

Date March 23, 2018

A new book that delves into the life of Prince Charles and some of his antics has been causing quite the buzz lately.

"Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles"

This new exposé was written by British investigative writer, Tom Bower, and it is available for sale from March 22. In the book, the Duke of York was portrayed as a petulant and downright spoiled royal.


In the last several days, excerpts from the book have been published by various media platforms, and the insights we have been getting are fascinating.

The unauthorized biography certainly did not paint Prince Charles in the best light. A section of it claimed that he demanded huge sums from anyone who wanted to sit next to him at charity events.


You can sit next to the prince, but it will cost much

Apparently, anyone can rub shoulders with Prince Charles as long as they are super wealthy. According to the book, a controversial Turkish billionaire named Cem Uzan happily paid the price when he was asked to.

Uzan allegedly wanted to hang out with the royals very much, so he reached out to a top PR firm and offered to pay any amount if they could make this possible.

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Uzan was then introduced to Charles' assistant private secretary who put him in touch with the Duke's valet, Michael Fawcett.


Apparently, on his master's behalf, Fawcett informed Uzan that he could set it up so that he and his wife, Alara, could sit next to the royal at a charity event set up by the Prince's Foundation in 2000. But there was one catch, Uzan had to 'donate' £200,000.

Money allegedly changed hands, and Alara got what she was promised. A day after the event, pictures of the Prince of Wales sitting next to the Uzans were splashed all over the media.


This made Uzan very happy, as he got the publicity he wanted. He then made sure he did not lose his access to the royal family. In fact, he and his wife were invited to the Buckingham Palace a couple of times.

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They were once invited to a five-day jamboree with other royal guests. $20,000 per couple and an undisclosed donation were all Uzan needed, so he could have dinner with Charles and Camilla and spend the day enjoying other events with them.


There was a lot of suspicions trailing the Turkish billionaire, including the fact that he was being investigated for racketeering. Charles continued to get close to him, and this made the royal family very uncomfortable.  When it became difficult to bear, the Queen had to step in.

Rumors soon began to circulate about the huge sums of money Uzan had paid to Prince Charles. As a result, Queen Elizabeth had to make a few changes to the guidelines for dealing with donors, making it impossible for Prince Charles to sell his presence or continue his 'rent-a-royal' service, as it was.


This did not stop Prince Charles who continued to find ways to pay back 'donations' with allowing donors sit next to him. The book claimed that people paid up to £500,000 for this honor. In fact, sometimes, the duke's presence went to the highest bidder.

Other claims made in the book

Bower wrote many controversial details. See some of the craziest ones below:

  1. Prince Charles was disrespectful to Kate's mother, and the Queen had to intervene at one point.
  2. In the early years after their mother died, Princes William and Harry resented their father for Camilla's presence in their home. It reminded them of the pain Princess Diana suffered. But Prince Charles was unbothered.
  3. Charles and Camilla are jealous of Prince William and Kate Middleton. They worry that the younger couple would steal their fame.
  4. Prince Charles once sent two bedrooms' worth of furniture, including his own toilet seat, ahead of him for an overnight visit to his friends.

There have been many suspicions that the royal family will not take too kindly to these revelations.

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