Dry Cleaner Lost A Woman’s Wedding Dress, But It Was Discovered 32 Years Later In Another House

Date February 21, 2018

Ame Bartlebaugh thought that there will be no better choice for the wedding dress than her mom’s beautiful gown. But how surprised she was when discovered that her mother has been preserving the wrong dress for the whole time.

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Why it’s important to choose the right wedding dress

The right wedding gown is crucial because it makes a bride feel the most beautiful girl in the world on her special day. Besides that, a wedding dress serves as is a totemic garment, symbolic of a major event in life.


Every culture has its own tradition concerning the wedding gown, which makes it an essential element of the event. Moreover, the bride can save it for her future daughter or granddaughter to wear on their wedding.

Sometimes, you lose, but sometimes, you find

It was the lacy, flowery trim on her mother's wedding veil that stole Ame Bartlebaugh’s heart.

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After getting engaged, she knew that the beautiful dress and its accessories she used to see on photos from her mom’s wedding - which had been preserved in the summer of 1985 - would be the best choice for her own special day.

So, she went to her grandmother's attic in order to find her mom’s treasure. But the dusty box held a stranger's wedding gown.

As it turned out, the Ohio dry cleaner, which closed down ages ago, gave Bartlebaugh's mother the wrong dress.

Ame decided to hope for luck and took to social media praying that somehow she would be able to find the gown's real owner. Fortunately, within 24 hours, the dress had found its rightful heir.

The unforgettable discovery

In a video posted on Twitter, Michelle Havrilla, opened a gift-wrapped box. She started crying from happiness when she discovered what was in the box.

A long time ago, the same dry cleaning company gave her someone else's gown. Havrilla thought that her own dress is lost forever.

Havrilla's son, Brian, captioned the emotional moment on social media. He added:

When she opened the box for the first time in 2013, after our basement flooded, she discovered the box she was given wasn't her dress. She was heartbroken. Well... We found it.

Bartlebaugh was really happy that the wrong dress found “the person it belongs with”. But her own gown is still missing. She took to social media again, but this time to find her mother’s dress.

We wish her the best of luck!

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