Why The 'Roseanne' Revival Isn't As Political As People Might Think

Date February 23, 2018

Roseanne will return to TV after 20 years! The revival will feature nine episodes with the opening one airing on Tuesday, March 27. The groundbreaking blue-collar family comedy was a big hit for nine seasons from 1988 to 1997.

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The TV series ended by revealing that much of it was fiction, written by the creator of the show, Roseanne Conner, as a memoir. The episode finale was as grand as any episode finale should be. Dan Connor had died, Jackie turned out to be a lesbian, and Roseanne's daughters were really with the opposite husbands.


Spoiler alert: Connor is alive now. Everything should be addressed in the first episode of the revival, and we can’t wait!


When ABC announced their plans to bring Roseanne back, a lot of attention was focused around two big questions: “How would the show welcome back star John Goodman after the death of his character Dan Connor in the original series finale?” and “how would star and creator of the show Roseanne Barr's real-life support of President Donald Trump affect the new episodes?”

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The story behind John Goodman’s return was somewhat revealed in a trailer released by the network, but the second question still remains. Nonetheless, the show might not be as political as you and we might think.


Though there will be a Hillary Clinton joke in the premiere, and Roseanne in the show will be as persistent in her support of the 45th president as Roseanne in real life, the star and executive producer of the show Sara Gilbert offers some clearance:

People think this show is more political than it is. It’s more about how a family deals with a disagreement like that.


Roseanne Barr commented about the idea of making the fictional Roseanne a Trump’s supporter:

I wanted to do it this way. It's the conversation everybody is having. Families are not speaking to each other. People are still shocked and upset about it. It's the state of our country.

People reacted to these news on Twitter:

One of the actors from the original series will be dearly missed. Sadly, Glenn Quinn, who played Becky’s boyfriend-turned-husband Mark, passed away in 2002 at the age of 32.


The creators of the show will pay a touching tribute to the late actor.

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