Adam Rippon And Reese Witherspoon Have Taken Their Social Media Friendship To A New Level

Date March 12, 2018

Reese Witherspoon and Adam Rippon’s newfound Twitter friendship during the Winter Olympics can definitely be one of the brightest highlights of the games! When the figure skater won bronze in team following his outstanding performance, he candidly revealed that this was all to make the actress (and the country!) proud. And we’re sure he did!

But it all started earlier, when the Big Little Lies star tweeted that Rippon was number one reason to watch the games. It looks like Reese is an avid fan of figure skating!

And Adam responded to her in the cutest way possible.

After such sweet tweets, the world wanted the two to meet each other. And finally, this magical moment has happened!

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Making an appearance on TV

When Witherspoon got invited to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, we bet she didn’t know she would meet the Olympian there. When the host introduced the two to each other, they could not hide their excitement. As Reese said:

This is the relationship the world’s been waiting for.

Beaming with joy, the actress showered Adam with compliments, saying that he smelled good and was more handsome than on the ice. In his turn, Rippon took his bronze medal, handed it to Reese, and told the story of how he was getting prepared to meet the Award-winning actress:

I was getting dressed because I wanted to look my best for you, and I lost a button. I’m embarrassed, but I’m not. Do you know what I mean?

We totally know what you mean, Adam! Rippon has been in love with Reese for many years since he watched iconic Legally Blonde. And Witherspoon became the figure skater’s fan when she saw his witty tweets.

People’s reactions

Twitter users were excited to see the first meeting of the two stars and rushed to the platform to express their thoughts about it. And it definitely has made people’s hearts melt:

So, if Legally Blonde 3 ever happens and Reese needs a comedic co-star, she will know whom to call.

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