New Terrifying Details Of The Harts Car Crash Revealed: Their SUV Must Have Been Driven Down The Cliff Intentionally

Date April 5, 2018

New shocking details concerning the tragedy of the Harts family confirmed – the car crash might be intentional. The new information was obtained from the SUV’s airbag module that suggested the possibility of a complete stop of the vehicle before it accelerated from the cliff.


Unbelievable tragedy

On March 26, California’s scenic cliff became a witness of the horrible accident: the car fell into the sea after speeding from the pullout. The vehicle was full, with eight people aboard.

The Oregonian / YouTube

The Oregonian / YouTube

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The Oregonian / YouTube

The disaster killed three children (Markus, Jeremiah, and Abigail) and their adoptive parents (Jennifer and Sarah), while three others have not been found yet (Hannah, Sierra, and Devonte).

The car was found on Monday, and as of Wednesday evening, March 28, police reported the deaths of three children aged 14 to 19 years and their stepmothers, both 38-year-old, who together brought up six adopted children. Now, the search continues for Devonte and his siblings.

Sheriff Tom Allman said that there are still hopes that three children are with relatives or friends and were not present in the deadly car. The family enjoyed traveling and organized spontaneous trips repeatedly.

One of such adventure presented a world a viral photo made in 2014 during the Portland protest where Devonte was holding a Free Hugs and was emotionally pictured embracing a police officer.

The Oregonian / YouTube

Family problems

A spokesman for the Washington Department of Human Services said that last Friday, the agency launched an investigation after reports of potential problems in the family. Local media said that the request was initiated by neighbors since 15-year-old Devonte Hart repeatedly called on them and asked for food.

The Oregonian / YouTube

After the information about the request to the social services, the family suddenly left the house. They left all their belongings, including pets and domestic animals untouched without any visible signs of a long journey. No evidence of domestic violence was spotted.

The Oregonian / YouTube

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The neighbors claim that apart from Devonte, there once was a girl who came to them asking for help as the others were abusing her.

Intentional acceleration

The new details of the accident that was originally perceived by the officials as quite suspicious proved that the car could have appeared on the bottom of the cliff intentionally.

First, it was noticed that there were no skid marks from the road to the edge of the cliff that caused a lot of questions, mostly based on the car malfunction. However, as the data from airbag controllers was deciphered, it turned out that the vehicle stopped and then accelerated over the cliff, a distance of about 70 feet.

Police are still looking for additional clues to make a final conclusion, and we continue praying for the lives of the three family members that haven’t been found yet.


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