Another Hilarious Meme Featuring Donald Trump And Barack Obama Explodes The Internet

Date February 15, 2018

Another hilarious meme has taken the Internet by the storm. The world had hardly enjoyed the Obama’s recent gallery portrait, and Mr. Trump Jr. has published another adorable image on his Instagram account.


Obamas' personal portraits

People will never stop joking at every punt the celebrities make. Moreover, when the fail concerns politics, it is simply impossible to stop the meme flood arising just after the accident.

Recently, Barack and Michael Obama were introduced to their portraits that every presidential family is honored with at the Smithsonian gallery museum.

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The world has instantly exploded with various memes featuring every busybody in town.

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Latest meme featuring Trump

A few days later, Donald Trump Jr. made a post that he considers too funny not to share. The picture demonstrates his extremely happy father after signing tax cut law as well as Barack Obama in the background.

The interesting fact about the 44th president here is that it is actually his portrait from the recent presentation. Obama’s serious look makes the impression of an extremely jealous politician who failed to do something that his successor did.

Actual meaning of the matters

The public finds such pictures cute and hilarious. While the country is living through one of the toughest periods in its history, the citizens can’t stop laughing at their president.


What it actually is? Demonstration of disrespect? Inability to perceive the real state of events? Or simply apathy towards the political sphere? Let us try hard not to repeat the destiny of those mentioned in the famous proverb – he who laughs last, laughs best.


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