Unexplainable Move From Trump's Office: The Lack Of Respect At Olympics Opening Ceremony

Date February 15, 2018

It seems that politics and sport are two incompatible things that do not influence each other. However, due to the recent unpleasant event on the Olympics in Korea, the world has seen a new way of expressing the political views.

Reason for the turmoil

During the opening ceremony for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, the US Vice President Mike Pence refused to stand up to greet the unified Korean team.

That was a painful move that stroke immediately among the social media of the entire world and raised thousands of thoughts and comments, including the ones from the officials.

Attempts for explanation

This year, South and North Korea are participating in the games as a joint team, meaning they are acting as one unit.

It is a common knowledge that the US are set against the authority of Kim Jong-un, so the vice president’s behavior could be understood. However, there is another side of the Korean medal.

Apart from the North, the unified team was represented by South athletes as well.

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No place for excuses

Pence’s colleagues tried to defend the country, playing a patriotic song:

Pence would rather stand and cheer for U.S. athletes than recognize the most oppressive regime on earth.


However, as the team did not purely consist of North Koreans, the unreasonable behavior is rather unexplainable.

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