Death Penalty For The Florida School Murderer: Prosecutors Demand The Ultimate Punishment For Nikolas Cruz

Date March 15, 2018

The prosecutors prepare a death penalty for the murderer of 17 people in Florida Douglas High School. Cruz’s lawyers ask to get the execution off the table to substitute it with a life sentence. People’s thoughts are different, but all of them ask for one – punish Nikolas severely.


Horrible murder

On February 14, Nikolas Cruz entered the Stoneman Douglas High School premises to conduct one of the wildest murders in XXI century. With his AR-15 rifle, the cold-blooded murderer killed 17 people, including professors and students, and injured 17 others.


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Cruz had the reputation of a problem child, and his peers at school have repeatedly mentioned about troubles with him. Moreover, people have also claimed about his love towards guns and abnormal aggression towards others.

Cruz's verdict

As his trial proceeded, Nikolas and his lawyers first plead about not guilty to a crime but soon understood that the evidence is against them.


Meanwhile, the prosecutors have decided on their final requirement – death penalty. The current state of events is the following: Cruz’s lawyers claimed they would stay silent at the next hearing unless the prosecutors withdraw the capital punishment plea.


The other option for the 19-year-old murderer is 34 consecutive life sentences that seem more appealing to the defense than the death penalty.

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Outside the court

While Nikolas is waiting for his verdict, his belongings, worth $800,000, are in high demand. Together with his brother, Cruz was brought up by their mother until she passed away the last November. After that, Roxanne Deschamps has taken care of the boys and now claims to receive the rights to their estate, costing almost 1 million dollars.


The case is difficult indeed. We are waiting for the further news from the court and Cruz’s house to keep you informed.

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