Unprecedented Murder: Family Doctor Shoots Both Parents Of Three Children

Date February 28, 2018

The family doctor shot a couple in front of their three sons, while they were helping an elderly woman with the furniture.


Straits family

Recently, Texas was unexpectedly shaken by the terrible news about another murder. This time, it is not only horribly cruel but also completely out of the explanation. A young couple, Anthony Strait (27) and Tiffany Strait (30), were helping the old lady around the house.

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They used to come to their neighbor and do some household chores without wanting anything in return. However, something went wrong.

Horrible murder

As the couple was getting ready to go home, they have met the granny’s son, 56-year-old Robert E. Fadal II. The man is working as a family practitioner already for 28 years, but this time, he was holding not an auscultoscope.

The doctor set the gun on the two and immediately shot Anthony. Tiffany was the next one.

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The step-father of three children died instantly, and Mrs. Strait has passed away in the hospital.

No reasons found

Police report that currently, they have no evidence or any reasons to explain the accident.


Robert is now remaining in custody with the available bond of $2 million. The Straits family was doing a landscaping business, and their friends tell neither Anthony nor Tiffany had any problems with anybody, especially with that deadly house.

We all hope that the family will find the eternal peace in the better place and simply hope that their kids will be safe and sound.

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