Hart Family Disaster May Hide Something More Than A Simple Car Accident: Strange Details

Date March 30, 2018

The shocking news about the unbelievable death of five Hart family members continues teasing the world with the real reason for the accident. While three kids have not been found yet, some of the details make people think hard about the cause of the death.


Terrible tragedy

Devonte Hart brought the popularity to his multiracial family by his touching photo with the police officer, offering him free hugs.

The Oregonian / YouTube

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Even though the family of two mothers Sarah and Jennifer promoted love and peace during their spontaneous camp adventures, some of the family details raise suspicions over the children’s security.

Suspicious details

According to the neighbors’ comments, there have been accidents that involved child protective services to come to make sure the family is fine. The week before the accident, Devonte had come to the house nearby to ask for some food, as he had been starving.

The Oregonian / YouTube

He said the parents had been punishing him and his siblings. Another incident involved a little Devonte’s sister who came to other neighbors in May, pleading that the parents abuse her.

The Oregonian / YouTube

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The Dekalb family called the child protective services, but the next day the Harts came to their neighbors to apologize and explained that was a misunderstanding. In general, Sarah and Jennifer rarely allowed their children to go outside regardless of the weather that also created suspicions of the family’s wellness.

No evidence

After the accident, the police visited the Harts house and found no evidence of possible violence or other offenses. All the belongings were in the place, including family pets and other domestic animals. The investigation is still in process. Accident-reconstruction experts are going through all possible variants of the catastrophe, checking everything from brake failure and a blown tire to some other malfunctions.

It is worth mentioning that only five dead bodies out of eight family members were detected near the place of the accident. We hope that Devonte and his siblings will be found safe and sound. Keep tracking our timeline to find even more details about the accident soon.


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