Pit Bull Killer Radoslaw Czerkawski Is Sentenced To 10 Years Of Prison With The Subsequent Departure

Date April 2, 2018 09:43

37-year-old Massachusetts resident Radoslaw Czerkawski, the owner of a one-year-old pit bull, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the cruel treatment of an animal. After serving time in jail, the citizen of Poland will be deported to his homeland.


Horrible tortures

Five years ago, Radoslaw bought a pit bull on Craigslist and gave him the nickname Puppy Doe.

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Sometime after that, the dog was found abandoned on the playground in Quincy, Massachusetts with fractures of ribs and a skull, a pierced eye, and a cut tongue. Vets couldn’t help the animal, and the only way out to end the dog’s sufferings was to euthanize it.

Radoslaw's punishment

Czerkawski denied his involvement in the bullying, claiming that the dog had escaped from him previously and was tortured by someone else. However, the prosecutor's office managed to prove his guilt. A man will be able to apply for early release only after the expiration of 8 years.

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He is also forbidden to own or contact any animals, including volunteering in the shelters for them. After the imprisonment, Czerkawski will be deported to his homeland. Moreover, that is not the only crime that Radoslaw is charged of.

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According to president of the Animal Rescue League, Mary Ni, the court's decision on this case is historical and can become a precedent in the US for the establishment of the stronger laws protecting pets.

Possible fines

Back in 1986, only four states in America had penalties regarding the bullying, assault, and murder of the animals. Nowadays, all 50 have certain provisions concerning the inadequate behavior towards a pet.

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Each state has its own measures of punishment starting from $50 fine for a small abuse, ending with ten years of imprisonment, as it was in Radoslaw’s example. All creatures great and small are just like we, so they deserve the same care and love as people. Hopefully, after such punishment, Americans will understand that abusing an animal equals to bullying a real person.


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