Nicole Kidman Crashed Sandra Bullock’s Red Carpet Oscars Interview To Reminisce About 'Practical Magic'

Date March 6, 2018 15:18

When Nicole Kidman hits the red carpet, everything stops for a moment.


A 'Practical Magic' reunion

While Bullock was in a mid-chat discussing her forthcoming film Ocean’s Eight with Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith during ABC’s red carpet pre-show, Kidman snuck around back and made her way up to surprise Bullock.

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And it resulted in a magic: a nostalgic Practical Magic reunion nearly 20 years after the campy film’s debut to be exact.


The two iconic actresses went on to virtually ignore the interview and instead chatted primarily about the ’90s witchcraft rom-com. “We were talking about when we shot together,” Bullock said to Kidman, referencing their roles as witch-sisters Sally and Gillian Owens.


Do you remember 'Practical Magic'?

The movie is about Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as a pair of witch sisters. What about all the frogs?

'Practical Magic' is about a light-haired sister and dark-haired sister who are descended from a long line of witches. They move in with their aunts  — also a pair of light-haired and dark-haired sisters — and learn about magic and the curse that kills off the men in their lives.

The dark-haired sister (Sandra Bullock) falls in love and has a pair of — wait for it — dark-haired and light-haired daughters.

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After her husband dies, the sisters end up killing light-haired sister's (Nicole Kidman) abusive boyfriend. Then, he gets resurrected, killed again, and later haunts them. A classic family story. The movie wasn't received widely, and some people believe it was cursed by a real witch.


Reminiscing about memories

This is a woman I love!” Kidman mused after she crashed the chat.

When we shot Practical Magic together, I asked her to get some tequila. She came back with her tequila, but we drank it anyway.

Bullock responded with a laugh, prompting Kidman to proclaim:


I love that movie, I showed that movie to my kids. It’s a little above them; we were really good sisters! I think we are, and we’re really good drinkers, too.

Prove it with a sequel, you two.

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