White Angel In The White House! People Are Stunned By Tiffany Trump's New Picture

Date April 5, 2018 17:07

Tiffany Trump, the 24-year-old daughter of President Donald Trump and Marla Maples, has recently posted a photo of herself in the beautiful white dress. She looks like a real angel. She wore it at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

On her Instagram account, she wrote in caption: “Official WH Photo by Shealah Craighead.”

People keep leaving comments and writing that Tiffany looks stunning in the white dress.

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tiffanytrump / Instagram

tiffanytrump / Instagram

Shealah Craighead is now working as the Chief Official White House Photographer for Donald Trump. By the way, she has previously served official photographer to Laura Bush in the George W. Bush administration.

That’s how Shealah comments her work in the White House:

In the White House, you’re not just documenting history, you’re also putting other caps on,” like being an event photographer, a family photographer, an operations director.

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She assumed the office in 2017, and it was rather difficult for her to start working with the current US president. There were even rumors that Donald Trump avoids her, as many of his pictures were taken by other staff members. But the woman says some time is needed to get in contact with the new person.

She adds:

But the president’s personality is gregarious. What you see on TV is exactly what you get off camera. I appreciate that. He likes photos, that’s no secret. I’m happy to engage in that. Both for him and the administration and the country, and his private archives later on down the road.
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