Stormy Daniels Gives A 60 Minutes Interview About Her Affair With Donald Trump

Date March 23, 2018

The adult-film star and director, Stormy Daniels, claims she had relationships with the President Donald Trump. She will talk about it in details in her interview on CBS on March 25,2018.

The 60 Minutes interview with her is expected to be a real sensation. Stormy will talk about her affair with Donald Trump in 2006 and 2007, providing some secret and unknown facts. In fact, it will be her first interview regarding this matter.

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In his turn, Donald Trump denies all relations with Stormy.

This story began in 2011, when Stormy Daniels told the In Touch magazine she had a year-long affair with Donald Trump back in 2006.

Another hot topic on the interview: an examination of the potential legal and political consequences of the $130,000 payment. It should be reminded that Stormy had previously signed an agreement for keeping silence in return for money. Now, the porn star has come to the decision: she wants to return all the money she got for her silence to speak freely.



On March 8,, 2018, Stormy’s lawyer Michael Avenatti posted a picture on his Twitter account together with 60 Minutes reporter Anderson Cooper. So, it became clear that Stormy had an interview that was not planned to be broadcasted right away, as some information required the investigation, though it wasn’t scheduled to be broadcast straight away.

After some time, he uploaded another picture with Stormy facing Anderson Cooper while giving an interview.


This interview will truly be a sensation!

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