Homeless Man Spent His Last $20 To Help A Girl, And Now, She Raised Nearly $300,000 To Thank Him Back


Johnny Bobbitt Jr. is one of over 500,000 homeless people in the U.S. But this man is a real-life example that you get what you give. And sometimes, the payback exceeds all your expectations.

A few weeks ago, Johnny spent his last $20 to buy a gas for Kate McClure, a 27-year-old girl who got stuck on I-95 in the middle of the night because her car ran out of fuel. Eager to pay him back for his selflessness, the girl launched a GoFundMe campaign on his behalf. And the outcome of this campaign amazed everyone.

Giving everything while having nothing

When Johnny met Kate, he had close to noting: while being originally from North Carolina, he was living on the streets in Philadelphia for the last year and a half, reports Philadelphia Inquirer. Bobbitt, 34, was a military paramedic. He was ambitious about his future, eager to learn and willing to help people.

But a couple of years ago, Johnny's life took the wrong turn. It is said that the man had problems with drugs, and eventually, he ended up with having nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep.

Yet there he was, broken and homeless, he spent his $20 to help a stranger. Later, the girl would write about it on GoFundMe:

Johnny did not ask me for a dollar, and I couldn’t repay him at that moment because I didn’t have any cash.

But she was determined to pay Johnny back and give this kindhearted man a chance for a fresh start in his life.

A hope for a better future

The girl did not only come back to that road to repay her homeless saver. At first, she and her boyfriend Mark D’Amico would visit Johnny every few days to give him a few dollars, some food, and warm clothes. Then, the couple came up with the idea of starting a fundraiser on Johnny's behalf. So, in the beginning of November, they launched a GoFundMe campaign.

Their initial goal was to get at least $10,000 – enough to rent an apartment, buy a car, and provide the most necessary expenses for a few months. Thus, the man would have a chance to find a job and get his life back together.

However, the amount of money that managed to raise just in a couple of weeks exceeded their highest expectations. As of Thanksgiving Day, Kate and Mark raised nearly $300,000 from more than 10,000 donors, and the donations keep coming in every day. Furthermore, some people on social media offer their help in finding a job for Johnny.

It looks like now, the selfless man would be able not only to rent but purchase an apartment or even a house. What a great payback for spending your last money on helping out a stranger, isn't it?

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