Celebrities Support Women's March: Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Lawrence, America Ferrera, And Others Joined The Movement

Date January 23, 2018

On January 20 and 21, 2017, thousands of people across the world joined a global protest – Women's March – to fight for those whose rights were violated for a long time. The participants of the movement advocated for policies and legislation regarding all kinds of issues: from workers' rights to healthcare and immigration reforms.


A year later, activists and supporters of the movement gathered together once again, celebrating the anniversary of the largest single-day protest in the U.S. history. Among the people marching down the streets, there were many famous and influential representatives of the entertainment industry.

America Ferrera, who was a chairwoman at the previous Women's March on Washington, shared a photo from a year ago.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, in her turn, shared a powerful photo of a little girl from this year's march.

“Don’t know whose brilliant picture this is,” reads the caption, “but am sharing in the spirit that the picture speaks truth to power.”

Another actress, Helen Hunt, actually joined the procession and even made a sign for the occasion.

#strongertogether #womensmarch

Допис, поширений Helen Hunt (@helenhunt)

Katie Holmes shared a picture that was taken in the heart of the New York rally.


Допис, поширений Katie Holmes (@katieholmes212)

Another Hollywood beauty, Jennifer Lawrence, joined the anniversary gathering in Los Angeles.

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Meanwhile, one more legendary singer and actress, Cher, joined the participants of the Las Vegas rally on January 21.


Other people also took to social media, sharing some of the most impressive and inspiring moments from the global march.

Even President Donald Trump did not ignore the event and left a short comment on his Twitter page.

Along with celebrating the first anniversary of 2017 Women's March, this year's mass rallies were meant to draw people's attention to some the most disturbing issues of our days. In total, around 250 marches, rallies, and actions dedicated to the movement took place in different parts of the world.

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