Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Finally Made It Official: The Couple Appeared Together At Pre-Grammy Gala

Date January 30, 2018 13:32

Usually, when celebrities attend major events together, it is a sign that something is going on between them. So, when people arrived at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Gala, they could not but notice one particular couple – Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx.


Making a big step

The first rumors about them being together started spreading since 2013.

However, the actors preferred to keep their romantic relationship a secret and only rarely appeared together in public.

But this time, everything was different.

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Not only did they attend the Pre-Grammy Gala together, they actually appeared there as a real couple. Furthermore, they were sitting at the same table and spent most of the night like a regular loving couple: exchanging countless smiles, whispers, and jokes.

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Loving and caring couple

The Logan Lucky star and her 50-year-old boyfriend have been rumored to date for at least five years now. Still, none of the celebrities confirmed their relationship so far. And only recently, the couple started to appear in public together more often.

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For instance, Katie and Jamie were spotted together in December, when the Oscar-winning actor celebrated his 50th birthday.

Who knows, maybe these lovebirds are finally getting to a place where they feel comfortable enough to make their relationship official? Do you think they are going to make a real announcement anytime soon? Share your thoughts and predictions in a comment below.

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