Miracle Baby: Emma Gibson Was Conceived 24 Years Before Her Birth

Date December 21, 2017

When Tina and Benjamin Gibson decided to adopt an embryo, they could not even imagine that their child would be so special. In November 2017, the couple welcomed little Emma – a baby who was conceived in 1992 and remained frozen as an embryo for over 24 years.

Impressed by this fact, Tina Gibson, 26, said in an interview with WBIR:

If the baby was born when it was supposed to be born, we could have been best friends.

Technically, Emma was conceived around a year and a half before her new mom was even born.

While adopting an embryo is not an uncommon thing these days, the fact that Emma was frozen for a quarter of a century is indeed impressive. However, the doctors insist that the time an embryo spends in a fridge does not affect its chances to result in a healthy pregnancy that much.

Some doctors even suggest that Emma might be if not the oldest, then one of the oldest embryos that were born alive and healthy, reports Today.

Emma's embryo came from the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) – a non-profit organization which helps save frozen embryos from being destroyed. According to the center's website, there could be as many as one million human embryos stored frozen around the U.S. only.

Many of these embryos would never be used by their biological parents. Instead, they would be either destroyed or donated for scientific research. Only those embryos that were donated to an organization like NEDC have a chance to be born and live their lives.

So, Emma Gibson may consider herself really lucky. Even though it took her over 24 years of being kept in a fridge, she finally met her mom and dad and has a whole life ahead of her.

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