Despite People's Prayers, Matt Damon's Father, Kent, Has Passed Away After Long Battle With Cancer

Date December 25, 2017

Matt Damon's father, Kent, has passed away after a long-lasting battle with a severe and rare form of cancer – multiple myeloma, reports Today. According to the actor's representative, Jennifer Allen, Kent Damon died on December 14, 2017. The man was 74.

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Just a few days earlier, on December 11, Extra published a short interview with The Martian star where Matt was still full of hope and asked people to pray for his father.

We'll take any prayers you got, so yeah, throw 'em up there.

Kent Damon, a former stockbroker, was battling cancer for a few years. Back in 2011, the Downsizing star revealed his father had multiple myeloma – a rare form of blood cancer that affects bone marrow and is very hard to treat. However, Kent managed to combat the insidious disease and was in remission until recently.

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This year, Kent's state has worsened, reports The Boston Globe. Matt Damon had to balance between his desire to take care of his father and his ongoing work. In October 2017, he canceled his appearance at the BAFTA ceremony due to a “family emergency.”

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Later, the 47-year-old actor skipped the Los Angeles premiere of one of his most recent films – Alexander Payne's Downsizing. As we understand it now, the event took place just four days after Matt's father departed this world.

Our condolences to Matt Damon and his family on their loss.

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