Tori Roloff Posted Adorable Picture Showing Her Son Jackson's First Teeth


January 18, 2018 10:11 By Fabiosa

Motherhood is amazing! And one of the best proofs of the statement is Tori Roloff. She and her husband Zach from Little People, Big World welcomed their first child – an adorable little boy Jackson – in May 2017. It was one of the most awaited events for the loving couple who tied the knot in 2015.

We just so opposite and it’s my favorite thing about our relationship. ❤️ #zandtpartyofthree

Допис, поширений Tori Roloff (@toriroloff)

Since the day he was born, Tori constantly shares some of the most important updates on 'baby J', as she often calls her son.

Every month, she would post a picture of Jackson, usually accompanied by a short description of his most recent achievements.

The post dedicated to Jackon's eight-months anniversary was one of the most touching. “This stage is hands down my favorite (so far),” reads the caption.

... and somehow Jackson is 8 months old. This stage is hands down my favorite (so far). He’s so happy and smiley all the time and I fall more in love with him every. Single. Day. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month: Had our first Christmas (and all the fun that’s comes with that)???? We slept through our first New Years ???? We can sit up on our own for like 20 seconds (or until we get distracted usually by our feet) ???????? We have FOUR teeth ???? We are crawling!!!! (Or scooting depending on how you look at it) ???????? We’re still sleeping like a professional ???? We LOVE eating. ???????????? Jackson says “dada” on a regular basis but moms not counting it until he figures out what he’s actually saying. ???? We love you Baby J. You make our world brighter every day. ???? Ps. You’re new “squishy face” melts me daily. #zandtpartyofthree #babyjroloff

Допис, поширений Tori Roloff (@toriroloff)

The 26-year-old listed some of her baby boy's most impressive achievements, including the fact that Jackson already has as many as four teeth. And recently, Tori shared an adorable picture of his brand-new smile, with these tiny white teeth being on full display.


Tori also complained that there are “not enough hours in the day” for her to “hang with this guy.”

I actually miss him when he goes to bed, and literally can’t wait for him to wake up. I love you so much, you toothy grin mister mister.

People on social media were touched by both Jackson's lovely portrait and his mommy's emotional message.

Tori Roloff / Instagram

Tori Roloff / Instagram

Tori Roloff / Instagram

Tori Roloff / Instagram

Jackson Roloff was born on May 12, 2017. Just like his father, the boy has achondroplasia – the most common form of dwarfism. But despite his diagnosis, little Jackson grows pretty fast, bringing lots of joy to his parents and the rest of the family.

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