Amy Roloff Made A New Year's Resolution To Become Healthier, And She Is Persistent To Accomplish This In 2018

Date January 10, 2018 13:56

As people get ready to celebrate the beginning of a new year, many of them make their New Year's resolutions – short promises meant to make their lives a bit better. Amy Roloff from TLC's reality show Little People, Big World also made a resolution of her own – to live a healthier life. And judging from the recent posts on her Instagram, the 53-year-old is determined to keep her promise.

Spending quality time with her family

For the Roloffs, Christmas and New Year celebrations were full of family gatherings. First, there was a lovely family dinner for an early Christmas celebration.

Then, Amy and her boyfriend, Chris Marek, shared a sweet common photo and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

The last family reunion took place in the beginning of January when all of Amy's kids gathered under the same roof for an early celebration of Jacob's 21st birthday.

Staying fit and healthy

While Amy really enjoys spending time with her kids and grandchildren, she seems to switch her focus to health issues lately. In a recent post on Instagram, the mother of four wrote that she wanted to accomplish one of her New Year's resolutions.

I wanted to get back to a new years resolution of getting more healthy and actually accomplish it in 2018.

And it looks like this time, Amy has a nice plan: she is going to set “smaller health goals” so that she could “still feel proud” of herself for every new achievement.

A few days earlier, Amy took her grandson Jackson for a long walk around the farm – one more great way to stay fit and healthy.

And what were your 2018 New Year's resolutions? Did you already accomplish some of them? Leave a comment below and share your story with us!