Ivanka Trump On Females In STEM: 'We Need More Women To Enter CS And STEM Fields'

Date December 8, 2017

Ivanka Trump seems to pay a special attention to the problem of women's presence in the STEM fields. In a recent post on social media, the 36-year-old mother of three spoke out about the problem of the gender wage gap and how working in the CS or STEM areas may help American women decrease these differences.

STEM stands for four areas of knowledge: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Historically, they were mostly male-dominated, with only a few women managing to get the needed education and build their career in an area they have chosen. And in order to get a job in any of these fields, a person would most likely need a college degree and lots of training.

A recent report Women in STEM: 2017 conducted by the Department of Commerce shows that female workers comprise 47% of America's general workforce. But when it comes to these four fields, the disproportion is much more obvious because there is only 24% of women among all workers. Furthermore, a man is still more likely to get hired than a woman with the same level of education and experience.

However, being involved in these areas seems to be quite beneficial for the ladies. The same report says that in the STEM-related jobs, the wage gap between male and female workers is much smaller.

Ivanka Trump pointed out that women with STEM-related jobs earn 35% more than their female peers working in other areas.

While not being involved in one of these fields, Ivanka Trump is a great example of a successful woman. She used to work as an executive vice president at her family's company The Trump Organization and manages a fashion brand of her name. She is also one of president's advisers and a well-known philanthropist.

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